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Haunted Ebay

Items with a little something more.

Ebay's Haunted Auctions
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is dedicated to the auctions in which the sellers state that their items are haunted. Sometimes people with a little nerve and a bit of creativity deserve a little recognition! So, feel free to point out your favorite latest entries, or just see what someone else has found by perusing around.

Community Guidelines:
No General bashing other members, spamming, etc.

Posts which do not relate to specific ebay auctions are allowed. Feel free to discuss auctions in general, human stupidity, amusing things that relate to the interests of the community, weird projects you might have done in relation to auctions [[The community moderator has a habit of writing fics and drabbles about anything.]].

If you post a link, be sure to post a short description of what is sold/what you are posting about. These links won't stay working forever.

Swearing is allowed, as is free thought. If either of these offend you, you would do well to leave.

Nothing is sacred.

Please do not post links for dolls or jewelry unless there is something unusual either about what is being presented or how the seller is presenting it. They are the most numerous haunted auctions on ebay and are usually pretty much the same.